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And teh winnar is...

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Emmanuel Deloget



No, it is even worse: if this situation continues, we are all the loosers.

Radupvr started this thread two days ago. His idea will probably never work, everything agrees on this point. What I find bad is not his post, but the answers he got.

All went right during the first posts. The idea he describe cannot work, ok. Even APC's first post was OK.

Then, the whole thing began to smell like a putrefied egg. I know that you'll say that these are out-of-context quotes, but I believe their context don't make them less harmful. We need to eliminate this sort of ignorance once and for all(1), speaking of Radupvr's original post. Raduprv, you have to be the most stubborn GDNet poster I know of, speaking of Radupvr's will to defend his idea - even proven inefficient and flawed; but are you sure that you never ever did the same thing? For someone who wrote an mmorpg, Rad is surprisingly dumb about some things. This is one of them. - What an interesting insight, but I beleive you can speak of someone without insulting him (the same guy continues with a superb "you guys should be ashamed of your ignorance", probably meaning that he knows everything on earth. "greet, now the idiots are rating me down" is also a good quote. I won't ask who are "the idiots", because I don't want to know the answer). Great idea! Raduprv, NASA is hiring. Just so you know... is also a clever insight - I just find it nastily sarcastic in this context, but who knows, maybe it was a proof of love?

During this conversation, I also saw some As for the rest of the thread - try to exercise a greater degree of diplomacy please, or Guys, it was just an idea; really now, no need to chew this guy to pieces. So clearly, there was something wrong, and some people saw it.

It is not difficult to understand why Radupvr was feeling attacked. Mockery, insults, condescension - I would probably had the same feeling.

Everything ended up with (2)
Original post by Raduprv
Ok, now I am totally disgusted with the community here, so this is really going to be my last post.
I post an idea, didn't insult anyone, and get my rating down 13 points.
On the other hand, the pigs that insulted me without any valid reason got their rating increased, because, hey, they insulted Raduprv so they must be very friendly.

The rating problem is not very important - he still have more than a lot of people here. But the fact that he may be gone is more problematic.

Radupvr is a great guy. He his full of knowledge - even if his knowledge do not encompass astrophysics and planet studies: who cares? He exposed an idea, was bashed, and quit. I really hope he didn't leave GDnet permanently - but even if he want to come back later and just take a break, I really think that you, guys, should be ashamed by your behavior and your resulting "success". That's really a pity.

Really, there is no winner in this story - only loosers.

(1) APC managed to bash two user in one sentence. That's great. Clever, probably. If it wasn't a clever idea, he would not have posted that, right?
(2) I can't understand why I can't change the style of these quotes. If someone has an idea...
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Guest Anonymous Poster



I just saw your post on gamedev about pointers to member functions. Turns out you're really hard to contact, but I thought I'd let you know that by "C++ voodoo" you can actually find the address of a member function using a union. Example:

template <class aType>
union uPtr
unsigned long raw; // Needs to be at least 32 bit
aType* ptr; // Actual pointer
operator void*(){return (void*)raw;};

When you assign your pointer, the first sizeof(void*) bytes are taken by the actual address. You access this by using the "raw" data and typecasting it to void*. Hope this helps!


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Yes :) Someone told me the same thing when I posted the question. I didn't thought to the union at all whe I tried to find an answer to this question, thus I used this ugly assembly magic. I rewrote the code using an union some month ago, and it works weel (there is still the same limitation, and I still have to lookup the first bytes of the function to see whether it is a jump or not).

Now, I'm not that hard to contact :) (if you want, you can rgister an account here, and then you'll be able to send private messages to any user you want).


Emmanuel D.

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Hey, thanks :)
Glad to see that I am not the only person thinking that what they did is, well, not nice :)
I will not really return posting, but I will update my dev journal until January when my subscription expires, and answer to PMs.

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I hate to say it, but APC's comments about schooling, while needlesly harsh, are very appropriate. They show you diagrams of the solar system, but barely mention how much of a pain the orbits are, let alone how breathtaking the scale is.

I'll put it this way. You want to make a pipe between 2 planets? You'd better be prepared to sacrafice a planet to make it out of. And that's ignoring all the other problems.

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