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Looks like I have a temporary solution, at least until I get a replacement. A friend had a spare PCI TNT2. So it doesn't run fast, or do dual-monitors, but it's cool to the touch and that's enough for me :).

I don't know exactly how long it will take. Given that I can't find 6800 Ultras on sale in the AGP version anywhere, the retailer will probably have to go to the manufacturer to get a replacement and that could take ages.

Why does life just feel like kicking you in the head again and again and again and again. I really deserve a break. I haven't had one since, well, since I moved to uni.

(People suck, by the way. Living with them is awful, and it doesn't help that the food is crap and the course dull and uninteresting. Luckily I have GDNet to keep me company 8))
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