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Big update.

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Big update. Lots to talk about. :)

(Oh, and I've removed the reddish template. I just wasn't enjoying it much on my eyes, and I'm sure that I wasn't alone. :P)

The Movie

Going to go see DooM this Friday (or Saturday) with Dean "Draffurd", after his long months spent at university. He's the artist behind all of our games, and keeps the team afloat. I've heard lots of good things about the movie, so it's bound to be a blast.


After hearing much raving (yes, I hear a lot of stuff :P) I finally downloaded the demo for F.E.A.R., and I'm massively impressed. The game looks gorgeous, and the gameplay is quite impressive as well. It's nice to notice and identify 3D graphical effects from a programmer perspective after a couple of years using OpenGL, such as the awesome shadow volumes, specular highlighting, bump mapping, and other beauties. FEAR manages to put this all together and also bring an enticing storyline (thus far!) and plenty of interesting gameplay quirks that have made the (rather short) demo a wonderful experience. It's a bit sluggish on my 1.8ghz, but once I get myself a new computer I'm going to head out to the local EB Games and nab myself a copy.

The Game Project

With Magma Duel hitting the backburner, a new project is hitting primetime. Me and Draffurd have been mauling over the idea of this game since February, and it's about time to bring it into creation. The title is 'Downfall of Argos 9', taking place in an underground complex on a remote planet fairly far from earth. Here's the overview of the game:

This game will take on the form of an overhead 2D shooter with the style of an action game combined with the seldom seen elements of a roguelike game. More specifically, every level in the game will be generated randomly, as well as nearly every item/weapon/object assigned random effects and values. This will create a twitch game with a high replayability, which will be 1-2 players.

This is only the story's first revision, so excuse some excessive lameness:

The year is 2029, and you are an elite member of the government covert/assault ops team, codenamed the 'Black Cats'. The distant planet of Argos 9, on a research complex, has been pushing out marvels of technology in secret for the last 14 years. Then the unthinkable: a secretive artificial intelligence research experiment gone wrong: an AI finally capable of self-thought has been created, powered on a massive supercomputer created and funded by the Earth government. Realizing its ideal goals achievable through destruction of other intelligent creatures, the AI adopted malevolent intentions immediately and seized control of the various security/maintenance robotics in the facility and killed off the bulk of the members that were not scientists, and began on advancing its own power by using the remaining scientists. Using its power, the AI dug the facility underground by a hundred kilometers and solidified itself there to ensure its own safety. Then it began the process of creating an army by both genetically engineering soldiers, as well as tricking humans into joining its side. Not to mention cultivating other humans to use as bases for its genetic creations. It is now known that the AI supercomputer wishes to assume power over Earth after its power has fully taken Argos 9, and so you - among the other Black Cat members - have been sent into this facility to neutralize the threat covertly. Or noisily with brute force if all else fails. The facility has a massive variety of areas within it, being as it was generated by a computer, so be prepared to encounter anything.

As indicated by the last sentence implies, most of the game content will be procedurally generated on the fly. Levels will be created randomly, for a unique experience every time. A summarization of the game clarifies this:

Nearly every aspect of the game is generated on demand by the various generators inside the game. Maps will be created and populated with enemies, items, and features as they venture down future into the seemingly endless structure. All items in the game will be flexible, in the sense that the user can interact with them on a physical and dynamic level. For example, a player (or enemy) could pick up a table and throw it at someone else, or use it to block a door from opening (or closing). Obstacles such as locked doors, unique enemies, and mechanical hazards will slow down the player(s) progress while adding fun elements to the game.

The design document is somewhat vague at this point, but it will progress as the game's own development does the same.

DoA9 (Downfall of Argos 9) will be written in C++ using SDL for input, sound, and graphics initialization, and OpenGL for the game's graphics. I'm aiming to keep the system requirements down, so no fancy shader effects and the likes will be present. I'll manage to keep the game graphically enticing, however, by other means. :)

The Conclusion

Kudos to anyone who bothered to read the whole thing. Any general interest expressed for DoA9 is both appreciated and inspiring. This will be easily the largest project I've ever taken on, and motivation is a commodity that will be in high demand. I hope I can end up offering a game project to the community that will earn some hype with the locals 'round 'ere. ;)
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