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Yay finally a new entry - with images!

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Today was a good day. I fixed the two final bugs with my skeletal transformation system. Its now fully capable of skinned mesh rendering with textures and proper lighting! Here's a couple quick shots. If the framerates look low, its 'cause I'm doing vertex skinning on the CPU. I'll be converting to vertex shader skinning with a fallback on a more efficient implementation of software skinning in a couple days.

My basic female mesh with her hip and knee joints bent:

I also did some work in 3dsmax on my female character. In particular, I wrote a skin shader and added hair. There's some (really) fake subsurface scattering going on. Her ponytail looks like a racoon. [grin] The white doohickeys are bones (they won't be rendered). Here is her upper body rendered in the 3dsmax viewport:

There's some sort of alpha blending issue going on in this last shot (near the end of the ponytail). Since its only the DirectX viewport renderer of 3dsmax, I'm not worried for the moment.

Sorry for the 2 week+ hiatus. I wanted to have some good stuff to show before I added another entry. The MADT festival is in a couple days - lots of work to do before then so I'm off.
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