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Numerous little things...

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I extended the MessageTracker object to also handle pictures. This was a very quick and easy thing to do, so didn't cut in (too much) with my studying. And I'm unsure whether I've mentioned this before, but with the Message object you can also put in a scripted action to be performed after the message's time display is up.

For instance: MessageTracker.add(new Message("Text", 5000, "somScriptedAction();"); And since I will not be coding the content in java (I'm doing it in BeanShell) everything is held in the script file, so it is really easy to make scripted functions after the message.

I've also found out that I need to make an interface between scripting and my Keyboard object, otherwise I won't be able to control the keyboard mapping parameters or trap differeing key events from what is hard programmed in the State object.
Also, I was told that the demo wouldn't repaint the screen after coming up from a minimized state. I fixed this a while ago, but evidently I didn't on some platforms. I tested it on OSX and Win2K-AS. It was on XP that it had the problem (I think) so if someone else could test it out on XP that would be helpful.

Alright, back to homework...
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