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Marching Forward

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On July 1st 2005 my mother went to the cottage. She went for a canoe ride, but never came back. The police speculate that she drowned in the lake. Its been over four months now and they still havent found her body.

My moms will: it says something to the effect; the house, cottage and everything else is to go to my brother and I. Of that all my brother and I want is to keep the house, the problem is that XYZ (the person who my mom was living with-- but not married to) has other ideas.

So what I am trying to determine is if I should simply try and take it via Lawyers... even if we ended up with nothing, XYZ will still be in a worse position, as he has no pension and is 49?. OR Simply broker a deal in which we give him some precentage of the house. Either way it sucks.

If it was only my descision I would let the lawyers battle it out, but I have to think about my brother. The person who was supposed to handle all of this, my Uncle -- is simply too far away and too busy, so my Grandfather is handling it, hes 84+ years old.

The other problem is that this is taking so long, we cant sell the house before we get a death certificate (which could take up to 7 years). The worst thing of all is the police might not ever find the body (they cant search in the winter), there is only one boat with the special equipment, so if a more recent drowning happens they have to go there.
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