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General Update

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Greetings all:

So here is what I have been doing since I got my new snazzy computer all set.

1. Playing Doom3
2. Playing Multiplayer Deathmatch Doom3

I rather enjoyed Doom3, it was a good mindless escape.

That pretty much sums up the weekend and this week so far, however I belive that the world works in mysterious ways, because not two days after having my nice new Radeon x800PRO 256MB PCIe GPU, it decides to zoink out on me, and now I get garbage on the screen.

so I popped in a PCI video card (this mobo does not have an AGP port, so all i had laying around was a voodoo3 *cries*), and indeed everything was working okay.

So looks like I got a borked card, I sent it back to new-egg this morning with it's RMA number, and hopefully I get a speedy return.

However in the mean time looks like the only thing I can do is either work on the engine revision, OR, write some more story.

It's true, I've been a bit lazy these last few weeks, which I think is okay, after such a bunch of hard work, but I need to be careful that it doesn't become a habit.
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