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Quake 4 vs FEAR

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So, i finished both Quake 4 and FEAR this week end. I'll only be speaking of the solo, since i haven't got time to get far into the multiplayer.

Quake 4: a good surprise. Very similar to Doom 3, but that was expected. More action, more scripts, but as linear as its brother. The game is dark, but a bit better than Doom 3. The level design is a bit repetitive, but still okay. The vehicles sequences are very badly done, and pretty boring. The weapons and monsters are pretty varied. Overall, i'd give it a 14/20.

FEAR: a bad surprise. It's not a bad game at all, but i was expecting it to be so much better than Quake 4 than i could only be disapointed. To sum it up: the action is great, the graphics are great, the scenario is nice (although it suffers from the Half Life 2 syndrom, where nothing is really explained at the end), the special effects are fantastic (especially the slow-motion), the AI pretty smart.

But.. wow. Whoever made the level design deserves to be shot down.

You'll spend 2/3 of the game in a building made of generic rooms and empty corridors. Seriously, not only it's as linear as Quake 4, but there's virtually nothing interesting to see during a large part of the game. The maps do not make sense either, you feel like you're in a huge maze mapped with a building-style set. Also, FEAR is the king of video games regarding crates, barrels and various boxes. I want to cry.

The weapons and the opponents are not very varied. The scenario is a bit disapointing. The apparitions of the little girl are well placed, but often too cliche, and you quickly understand that you have nothing to fear from them, which killed the mood for me. Too bad for a game with that name.

The ending levels are a bit more inspired, but it does not save the game IMO.

Overall i'd give it a 14/20.
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Would you say that FEAR is worth the buy? I've finished the demo and was pretty impressed by the game's quality so far. But the first step is getting a better computer. ;)

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It's worth the buy if you like FPSs, if you've got a powerful computer (i'm not too impressed with the performance of the game), and if you don't mind good action in repetitive levels.

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I couldnt agree more about F.E.A.R, incredibly uninspiring levels. They had such great technology and never used it properly (to quote a review I read, but can't remember the link to, it "was like hiring Michelangelo to paint your garage"). Did you notice the cool water with physics and pretty caustics? I think that was used about once in a small puddle on level 2-3. Plenty of identical, plain walls instead though.

I loved the "hospital level" of Q4 though. I would have liked more of those immersive bits.

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Guest Anonymous Poster


from your FEAR review:

"... , the scenario is nice..."

"The scenario is a bit disapointing."

I'm thinking about getting it, but which one is it? nice or disappointing? (Hoping for the former :) )

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It can be nice (relatively, compared to mindless shooters) but still disapointing :) I was expecting something really excellent after the demo, with that little girl and the paranormal elements. It was basically underused until the end, and many questions remained unanswered. Same flaws than HL2 IMO.

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just played some quake 4 today and I totally agree with you.
well I think whats much better than in doom is that its less shocking all the time, and faster (after the hospital level it gets real fun :) ) but yeah, the vehicle parts could have been much better...

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