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Level generation 'theorydemo'

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I've already acknowledged that level generation for DoA9 (Downfall of Argos 9 -- new project for those of you tuning in :P) will be one of the most difficult systems of the game. The levels must not only be random, but interesting. That key requisite will probably prove to be the most challenging part of the whole game, since it will rely on it to truly be 'fun'.

Today (in class, mind you!) I wrote up some nice pseudo-algorithms for the generation of rooms. It's based off of some methods I've seen used in roguelikes frequently, but with its own unique features that will hopefully conquer the boring, empty dungeon rooms that traditional roguelikes face.

This hurdle of level generation is going to be tackled before starting on the actual game programming, since I want to be sure of this method before I engrave it with C++ code. Over the next days (weeks, years; however long it takes) I'll be writing a theorydemo -- not a techdemo :P -- with C# of my level generation method. It will encompass far less detail than the actual game, but from its output I'll be able to see how I can improve it to make levels genuinely interesting to explore, and evade the pitfalls of monotony.

When I have something functional (and thus visible) I'll post some screenshots from the theorydemo and explain how the generation will work. I'm sure that if I were to post politely on the forum I'd be able to grab the interest of veteran level-generator-programmers lounging about GD.NET, and get some feedback for improvement.

To the IDE!
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