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More Art

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I am really begining to like this style.

Keep in mind what you are seeing is a 3D object with 2D hand drawn (via mouse in photoshop) textures, and some post-processing (ink lines)
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I like that style too. It would be interesting to see what that box looks like in an entire environment rendered in a similar fashion.

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well if all goes as planned, that will be sooner rather than later

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I've always liked the idea of hand drawn looking graphics in game. I don't think cel-shading does it for me, but that looks just about right.

Hope you decide to go with it for your next project.

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My biggest concern with this style is the characters themselves. Objects are fine and dandy, but character animation is going to be a bitch for you if you want your character to be expressive. Think about how much hand drawn stuff must have gone into MI3.

Any thoughts on how you will do that?

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How am I going to do characters with such expressive animation?

Short Answer: I don't know

Long Answer: I am going to find a way

One way to reduce the overall level of work will come in the Story-Breakdown phase, wherein I take the ideal story and turn it into somthing that can be made optimally and quickly. There will still be a need for lots of animation, but perhaps no as much as would be needed in a game where the work involved in it wasn't taken into consideration.

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