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## F.A.R.T.

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New project for the week. I'm trying out Ravuya's PRopane Injector wrapper dealy thingy so I thought I'd see how usable it is for an idiot such as myself.

I'm making a shitty top-down shooter similar to that of Crimsonland (I love that game, can't you tell?!) but with crappy graphics, crappy gameplay, and grappy crap.

The name of it, F.A.R.T. Now, I chose this name because me and my friend were playing F.E.A.R. and joking about the name. "Lets take FEAR and make an anagram about it! First ... Encounter ... Assault ... Recon ....... YEAH!" ... heh. So, F.A.R.T. stands for First Assault Recon Team. It'll be a small spoof of the F.E.A.R. game (I wonder how many more periods I can stuff in this paragraph...).

Hell yeah, baby.

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