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I Got a DS!

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OK OK so PSP is out now, so why on earth would I want a DS?...

Its fun :D, I love the touchscreen!
Also, Ive never really been a huge *OMG its got this much polygons and other graphical features at a framerate I cant even notice* fan...
So at half the cost of a PSP, there wasnt really any decisionmaking needed!

Anyway so far ive only got mario 64 DS. .. but I never got to play the 64 version when it was first out so theres nothing wrong with that at all!

Oh and did I mention its shiny blue?
Well I did now..

Anyhow I think im gonna have to have a bit of a meddle with GBA programming. . . I have noticed there doesnt seem to be much on actual DS programming available online. . .

Anyone point me to any tutorials(are there any?) Id love to get some touchscreen input happening!

Also in the shadow of PS3 & XBOX360 I have to say, bring on the Revolution! (except for those blocky uglyass controllers) . . The control system sounds awesome I cant wait to swing a sword around with it!
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