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Whoo hoo!

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Hey there! Sorry for being so infrequent, I've been a bit tied up lately... but I am hard at work! First, lets talk about the game!

I've been working through the kinks with level 4. When I first ran it, it was so buggy. Everything was wrongly perportioned and out of place... took me and hour of going through the design spreadsheets to fix everything. Ugh, I really shouldn't rush these things. So anyhow, this is a screeny of level 4...

It's a sewer level that the main character is forced into after his flight from the first boss. It's the most complex level I've designed, but hopefully I'll be able to put the final gloss on it soon and move on to the next endevour (the subway station level... toughest challange yet...).

So my artist situation is getting significantly better. I have a new concept artist who's ::gasp:: my age, ::gasp:: reliable, and ::gasp:: and a female. She does great work. She did a sample sprite that was really big, and I loved it. So she's going to be working on some things for us starting pretty soon. Should give me some human interaction on the project outside of Brucker.

So, I have a podcast now! It's called Games Avant-Garde. You'll have to excuse the introductory episode. We sounded really newbish... but the next episode we have lined up is great! I already have a fantastic interview recorded (did it only an hour ago). I thought I would bomb it, but it couldn't have gone any better.

Anyhow if you want to support the cast, you can go to it at Yahoo! Podcasts here, and rate us up! The more ratings we get, the more publicity we get. If you're going to subscribe to it anywhere, do it there. The easiest way to help us out is to vote for us here. It only requires a quick email verification. Oh, you can also subscribe in iTunes if you want.

Funny thing, if you go to the Podcast Alley one, we only need 5 votes to be in the top 100 for our category. We need your help!

Well anyhow, more later!

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Well done with the PodCast!

BTW, your voice sounds just like John Carmack. [smile]

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Heh. But in all seriousness, I really would have thought you were John Carmack if I didn't know beforehand.

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