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More GUI needed, and Content hashing...

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I've started working on content, but quickly realized a major fallback of having all the motion array stuff stored in the script itself: I'd have to manually enter all the frames x,y, and g variables... Needless to say it is quite frustrating to do by hand. So the next thing I'll be doing is adding a GUI window for animated/moving actors. It will allow you to add frames, and change the frame's x, y, t, and g variables with just the mouse (dragging the image to the correct location). It will then export to a seperate script file that will then be included with the state's script.

Another thing that has come to mind is that people will undoubtfully try to hack the script files for easily beating the game. So I have also put on my to-do list a MD5 hashing system for each 'official' game script. And then, inside the actual compiled java class it will have a list of official hashes that can be used when playing the scenario mode. Since the external scripts would be unable to launch the official scripts (without modding the class files), cheating would be considerably harder to do. I will however, encourage people to mod the game, but not in the official scripts that contain the plot of the game.
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One could argue that it isn't worth the effort to protect scripts like that for a single player game. If the player wants to go in and change the game, why not let him? It's their game and they aren't interfering with the experience of other players. Make it plain in the README, on the Website, in the game docs, or even in the game itself that there is no customer support for modifed versions of the original scripts. Include instructions to backup the scripts. Games like Morrowind and the Total War series all allow you to tweak original, shipped data.

One could argue that. Not saying that I am :) But I am curious what you are looking to get from it. Is it just to ensure the players experience the game as you designed it?

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