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## Propane Injector

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Welcome to the journal of Laz. In this journal you will... wait... we all know who I am, what this is, and what you'll find here. Nevermind.

I sent the source that I have so far of F.A.R.T. over to Ravuya and he was able to port it to Mac OSX and Linux in less than 5 minutes. Total. Now, how do ya like THEM apples?!?!

No new screenshot yet, tomorrow maybe. I dunno. Maybe I just won't give you any screenshots. Do you deserve them? What have you done to deserve a new screenshot? huh? HUH?! YOU'RE GROUNDED! GO TO YOUR ROOM!!!

See that PRopane Injector logo below in the FART screenshot? I made that. It's pretty, ain't it? Here, I'll show you again.

I might modify it just a tad to put the "njector" text closer to the 'i' ... we'll see how it looks tomorrow. But for now, I'm going to bed. Good night. GO BACK TO YOUR ROOM! I SAID YOU'RE GROUNDED! FINE, MAKE IT TWO WEEKS AND NO ALLOWANCE FOR YOU! YOU CAN JUST THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU'VE DONE!
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