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Late Thursday night, as I get ready to hit the thing I sleep on.

I haven't been as disciplined as I meant too, but it's been a good vacation so far. I bought some dumbbells to complement my barbell and got a pretty thorough workout tonight. Doing my jogging like clockwork, cleaned out my oven, organized my mess of an apartment, did some other chores, did some more random Blendering, and of course got game production done.

Right now all the non-combat moves are rendered, animated, and looking good in the game. I'm tweaking the punch sequence right now, and also improved pre-existing animations today too (like the run, which is looking much better). I'm almost sure to get every move in the game rendered and done by end of holidays. That would make me most happy indeed. I had to wrestle with Blender to get it to do what I wanted today, but progress is still going swimmingly.

I'm not going to post any more animations. The ones in the last entry give a good enough idea what it will all look like. [cool] After it's all done, I'm going to give the first level an overhaul and release a new demo. Hopefully.
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