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I know you guys didn't subscribe to my podcast... but I'll forgive you if you go do it now. Infact, here is a sopy of a paragraph from my last entry about how to subscribe and support us...

You can go to it at Yahoo! Podcasts here, and rate us up! The more ratings we get, the more publicity we get. If you're going to subscribe to it anywhere, do it there. The easiest way to help us out is to vote for us here. It only requires a quick email verification. Oh, you can also subscribe in iTunes if you want.

So we did an interview with Mikey Dowling from GamesAreFun. It went fantastically, and instead of having to worry about sapping every little details to come out of it with 5 minutes of good content, I got a full 18 and a half. So we talked Castlevania DS (along with some other titles), and that should be available in Monday's episode. Wait a second... did I already say all that last entry?

I also talked with Shane Bettenhausen (of the review crew for EGM) about coming on the show to discuss Wanda and the Colossus, so we should be doing that Sunday. Infact, Sunday is our big day for recording, and I'll have a special co-host for the day, who'll be assiting me in talking about Fire Emblem for the Gamecube... and being really effing funny.

So anyhow, but sure to subscribe to Games Avant-Garde, give feedback, and I'll write more later.

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Just an idea: you'll probably get a lot more subscribers/downloaders of your podcast over at forums if you are interested. I've never posted there, or even read the forums, but it makes sense that the guys over there would love something like this.

The people at seem to be more technically oriented... I hardly ever actually play any games myself.

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