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Sir Sapo


Hey everybody!

I have an action-packed(sorta), image-ridden(ish) entry for you guys today!

First off, I want to hand it to Mark the Artist for drawing up this really cool wallpaper/Load Screen. It's really cool, and has replaced my old title screen wallpaper. Anyways, here it is:

Anywho, I also got something done today that Mark has been nagging about for a while now: Enemy fighters. Thats right, even though I had it crossed off on the checklist, I never really finished writing the MIG AI, but I finally sat down today and got the Finite State Machine working right, which means *GASP* the enemies can dogfight you intelligently, fire at you, even loiter(patrol) over an area.

My favorite thing about the MIGs is that during missions where you get the AirBorne Laser System as support, the MIGs can decide, based on certain criteria, whether to attack the player, or attack the ABL. It's pretty cool, because now the ABL isn't this invincible death-ray cannon (but don't worry, we'll keep escort missions to a minimum[grin]).

Another cool thing I coded into the MIGs is a "decision-line". This is the line protruding from the MIGs in the screens below, and it tells the player what the MIG is currently "thinking" (ie. what state is it in, where is it aiming, etc). It changes color depending on what state the MIG is in. The states are currently:

-Dogfighting (Red)
-Aiming (Green)
-Evading/Maneuvering (Blue)
-Loitering/Patrol (Black)
-Running (White)

We currently have 4 different enemy aircraft, and each one has certain attributes that set it apart from the rest. For example, in the demo I made today, the base-tier airplane only fires guns, and has pretty good maneuverability, the second-tier plane is a lot less maneuverable, but fires powerful unguided rockets at you, the third-tier plane is a mix of the two previous ones, and can decide which weapon to fire, finally, the 4th-tier plane is extremely fast and maneuverable, and is able to fire guided missiles that fucntion like the ground launched SAMS.

Another cool thing about the MIGs is that they can fire any weapon in the game, including the tactical nuke, but I doubt we'll have them do that in the final version.

A MIG attacking the ABL

Me being pursued by the MIG

Going head to head

Well, it's late here, so I'll talk to you guys later.

Angels 20 Feature WorkList
-An Actual Front-End Menu
-A Map of the Level on the HUD
-Good MIG AI
-Destructable Tiles
-A checklist of enemies on the level
-Repair Trucks that actually have to stop to repair stuff
-Ground Vehicles that can shoot at you
-More weapons (ie. Napalm, Cluster Bombs, etc)
-Fully Automatic Gun
-Forward Supply Bases
-More mission parameters (ie. timelimits , targets , etc)
-Random HUD Stuff
-Expanded Tileset
-Improved Level Editor
-Gameplay balancing and tweaking
-Cutscene Integration
-New Mission Types
-Integrate Capital Ship Entities
(Almost Done!!!!)

Dont Forget To Try Out The Latest Version Of Angels 20

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