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New Computer Hell

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So I got all of the pieces and parts Wednesday night. Everything goes together fine in about 20 minutes. I plug it in, hear one beep from the BIOS, but nothing on the monitor. My monitor is dead!!!

Yesterday I bought another monitor, the same one I had. I set up the BIOS and try to boot my system. Now I just took the harddrive from my old system and placed it in the new one. Of course it bluescreened. It's an entirely new motherboard and architecture.

Out comes the Windows XP cd to do a repair. Everything is going fine until it asks me for my license. For some reason, it won't accept the license I have, which is a legal, valid license. After 2 hours on hold with Microsoft, I decided to go to sleep. I will try again tonight to get my system running. Although I'm at the point where installing Linux on this box is looking like a really good idea.

Tonight I descend into the 4th level of computer hell.
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