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lack of updates

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now that i'm getting back into the groove after my injury, i find i don't have alot of time outside of karate and work. thankfully i don't have a girlfriend to muck up the rest of my spare time. i've been playing alot of zelda: wind waker lately and off-and-on thinking about my game.

i'm working on a project design document that will outline various aspects of the project. i'm not sure how maintainable it will be - it's going to be ever-changing due to the fact that i don't konw what i need from everything just yet. i want to set up percentages so i know what point i'm at. the idea is to have a place to go when i'm not sure what i should be doing next - just open up the design and see what needs to be worked on.

aside from that, i don't have much to talk about besides life, and mine isn't all that exciting.

todo: move journal header to the webpage and get some more focused reminders up there. there's too much to just glance at and be reminded of. [EDIT: done and done!]
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