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Right, so I finally managed to get a copy of VS2005 from MSDN downloads. Yay.

I'm sure there are many more informative/authorative reviews available via your favourite search engine now. Anyway, the following is a blow-by-blow of my first impressions [smile]

Installation went without a hitch - I now have Visual Studio 6.0 Professional, Visual Studio 2003 Enterprise Architect and Visual Studio 2005 Professional installed on my system. Only 8.15gb of HDD space required [grin]

I decided to make a copy of my 'HDR Demo' code so that I could throw it at VC8 without risk of destroying my working version.

(Click To Enlarge)

The above is something I noticed straight away when copying the files. Simple touch - but they've added '7', '7.1' and '8' tags to the icons. Shame about the ugly JPEG-like artifacts though.

Next I load up the IDE. On first execution you can choose your primary usage - I picked C++ development. The following is what it thought I meant by that:

(Click To Enlarge)

It was wrong. That looks a lot like VC6 to me, which wasn't exactly bad but nor is it my preferred layout. Guess I'll have a play with that when I get time...

For those observant ones of you, you'll see that my first attempt at building 'HDR Demo' failed because it couldn't locate d3d9.h - classic [rolleyes].

So, a couple of seconds later and I add the necessary 'lib' and 'include' paths to VC. Guess they fixed the bug that I saw people bitching about where you couldn't configure these folders...

So I managed to get it compiling with 0 errors and 0 warnings. Sweet. Progam runs exactly as it used to under 2003, which is nice [smile]

Next up is the following gem:

(Click To Enlarge)

I've been wanting to play with this ever since I read some slides about it a couple of years back. Everything I've read indicates that it's only large programs that'll benefit from it - but I can play [smile]

Under the release build, 'HDR Demo' fullscreen flicks between 36 and 40 hertz. After PGO'ing it flicks between 36 and 40 hertz. Maybe very fractionally more at 40 than 36 though.

I guess I'll have to try it against the F1CM code-base. That's several orders of magnitude larger than 'HDR Demo'

Another thing I was looking for was this integration of the MSDN forums into the VS IDE. It's there - but it's more geared as an extension of the help tools (with an "Ask a Question" button). Doesn't really interest me as a person who likes to browse said forums:

(Click To Enlarge)

That's about it for my first impressions. I don't have much proper development to be doing right now, so it'll be a while before I put it through it's paces properly... [grin]

Alternatively, for anyone who cares for my opinion on such things (or has no means to find out for themselves) post a comment indicating something you'd like me to try out and post the results from..

Have a good evening!
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