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Zelda-Diablo: UI main action HUD

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so it's been decided that i'm going to go with a Zelda: Wind Waker / Minish Cap type of HUD. you're going to have floating button representations hovering over the gameplay, with action words or symbols hovering over the buttons. its a great system to steal.

right now i'm wondering what other things the player needs immediate access to. so far, s/he'll know what each button does (some are context-sensitive and adapt to the current situation). that's great, but you need more than just that. obviously you're going to need HP/MP representations. i'm not going to use the zelda health method, as i need something more like diablo on this. i don't like how much space the spheres use on diablo, i need something more streamlined. location is also important. the button hovers are going to be at the top - likely corner based. i'll get back to this once we have all of our hud parts defined.

the quickbelt in diablo won't be shown until you've used the R+down trigger to open it. the same goes with the quickspell/skill area. we don't need to show money on the HUD all the time, so squirreling it away in the inventory like diablo did makes sense. we don't need any of the buttons that diablo's got on its hud, because that stuff is all accessed through the submenus using start. there won't be a stamina meter, so that isn't needed.

the rupee counter in zelda isn't needed, we went over that. consumable items like bombs and arrows are counted on the items themselves, and is shown on the action symbol. (in inventory, stackable items have counters showing on their picture unlike in diablo). i don't see anything else you'd need immediate access to. it would be convenient for the skill symbols to have counters on them showing how many times you have left to use them according to your MP (or charges in that case), like a bow would.
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