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Turn based ofcourse![smile]

Yeah, I'm a really big turn-based strategy game guy, so that is what I'm going to stick to. Plus I don't think I could make a RTS game.

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I won't be able to call a legal battle to you about stealing my work until your game is isometric... damn... [grin]

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Yeah, I thought my biggest mistake with Invasion was not using tile based graphics, especially if I was trying to go for an Advance Wars like feel.

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Nice stuff - reminds me of an early (and, sadly, quite lost) hack job of mine that I called "Rocketeer." (Contrary to what everyone assumes on hearing that name, it wasn't related to the movie at all - I had a strange misconception at the time that that was the "correct" term for someone who used a rocket launcher.) I remember taking days to get the little stick-figure animations just perfect [smile]

That, too, was a tiled, top-down, turn based strategy game... of sorts. One of its few redeeming qualities (besides the ridiculous puns that I used for "cheat codes") was the voice recordings that me and a friend of mine made with a cheap lapel mike and wayyy too much sugar.

Good times, good times.

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