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Johnny Law vs. Combos

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So I added two new features to Freezer 2.

The first is cops -- these guys carry 17-round Glock semiautomatics and aren't afraid to use them. Currently they're a bit TOO brutal with their gunfire but I think it provides a good mix. I should make the player faster to compensate for their incredible speed and ability.

Currently they notice when you glock them, another NPC, or drag a corpse past them. And they shoot the hell out of you. Of course, you respawn on the verge of death in the hospital and hope they go back to normal before you get outside. I also added health-pack items so you can heal yourself.

The other thing is combos -- that's right, when you kill two or more people in the span of fifteen seconds, the combo meter appears. Completing large combos nets you absolutely nothing at the moment, but that may change.

Oh yeah. Screenshots!

More items and weapons later on, along with perhaps benefits to large combos (permanent slow-motion pills?). Also, the slow-motion pill makes you run as slow as those bastards so I'm going to pep it up to give you more of an advantage vs. cops. The slow motion pill now gives you a 1.6X speed advantage along with making everyone else really slow. It's super effective to dodge bullets with.
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