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Internet Research

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My biggest issue by far is focus,
Does anyone here manage to perform any internet search without finding they've:

a) been sidetracked onto another topic.

b) lost all track of time, and just wasted away the day/night downloading large chunks of the internet, and never actually getting around to reading/using any of it.

c) come up with absolutely no answers to what you were trying to find?

d) gone onto a forum to ask *the question* and woken from a sleep-like stupor 6 hours later to find theyve started 500 threads EXCEPT the one they were meaning to??

People really need to put FAR more money into search engines and such . . . or separate the internet into an "official" section, and a "my 2 cents" section...

I think that would be ideal.
Something along the lines of an online library, where people who are actually qualified on certain subjects can post tutorials, papers, etc. (only factual information allowed) - so that search engines dont turn up so many amateur pages. - I'm not saying all amateurs suck, but some of them do, and unfortunately the only way to filter them would be cut them all out. .

I dont know maybe everyone studying at university should be given webspace, so that all their articles etc. can be associated with a ".edu" address...

Once again there are plenty of people that arent formally educated who know alot about a lot of things, but you have either the option of
A) cutting some people out
B) letting EVERYONE in

I guess this was all worthless, I've not come up with a solution....


When i get round to coding and stop googlising every whim and sudden interest (trust me. . I'm interested in EVERYTHING..."knowledge is power"...)

Anyway like I was saying, when I get around to it, I will make a direct3d tree (...representing the type that grows out of dirt and falls on bears in the woods when noone is watching) made out of lines using simple recursion.

It will have different coloured lines on its tips to represent leaves, id like to animate it too so that it grows, loses its leaves every 6months, flowers, etc...

I was kind of inspired by the look of "Darwinia" to do something really odd and wirey/simple-looking graphics-wise..

Oh look i changed my "current project" again without starting the last one. . .what a surprise..

Stay tuned, who knows what I'll be up to next time I make an entry!
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