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A little explanation

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Well I knew it was going to come up sooner or later, glad sooner =)

As HungryHungryHippo5000 voiced in my last post:

"I thought this was supposed to be 3D!"

He is right, that is what I intended right off the bat, but I have come to my senses and realized a few things, which changed my mind back to using 2D Isometric.

  • 3D will require writing a new engine
  • 'GOOD' 3D art for games takes MUCH more talent and effort to produce
  • Having a 3D game will bring us into a competitive realm with other 3D games
  • We don't have the funds to deal with the above mentioned things.

    Basically it boils down to this:

    Making a new engine is going to take time, LOTS of time, and I do not feel like spending another 2 years writing an engine.

    We have a perfectly good engine sitting around, that only needs a few tweaks to make it better.

    Making good 3D game art is going to require a dedicated 3D artist that knows the ins-and-outs of creating 3D game art: low polygon modeling, texturing, rigging and animation. It is very unlikely we will find somone who can do this, for virtually free, couple this will exceptionaly low sales from Morning's Wrath, and you really have nothing to offer people.

    Of course we are taking steps to make Morning's Wrath sell better, but the reality is, it is not going to sell enough to rival an artist's salary of 70k a year.

    So, it all comes down to, instead of going off into an unkown realm and having it take unkonwn years to finish, we are going to use what we have availible to us, and make a good game.

    If our financial status changes in the future then exploring other technologies will probably be more pheasable.

    But dont get me wrong it is not /just/ about money, it is the fact that currently I work 40 hours a week at my day job, and am looking at another 40 hours a week developing a new game. I would rather spend those 40 hours making a game, than making an engine, and trying to work a technology that we are just not equipped to work. If I was doing this full time and had the proper funds then I likely would go 3D.

    If anyone thinks I am wrong, I would be glad to hear from you =)
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    I think you made the right decision, stick with what you know how to do best.

    Also, are you going to be able to move a character around in this game(like MW), or is it going to be a point and click adventure(Monkey Island-ish)?

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    You could license our engine (client engine). It supports 3D isometric and 3D with a perspective (3rd person). You could use it without licensing it, if you can live with the terms of the free license thing.

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    Sir Sapo:

    Yes it is still going to be free form walking, but it is also point and click, like monkey island. The plan is to implement a radial menu system for inventory and the usage of items on things.


    Thanks for the offer, but if we did 3D it would have to look at least as good as what we can do in 2D, looking at the Eternal-Lands screen shots, I don't think I would be happy with a 3D adventure game looking like that, it would have to look more on-par with Doom3 or somthing to that effect.
    Plus there is still the problem of creating art resources, for such an engine.

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    Eternal Lands is distributed online, therfore we had to limit the size of textures and such so that it can be downloaded by everyone. The whole size of the game (compressed) is 21 MB or so.
    If you put it on a CD, however, you can bigger textures, lightmaps for inside areas and nice stuff like that which would make it look much better. And perhaps you were looking at some older screenshots (like the ones on our website). The newer ones look much better, but we were to busy to put them on the website.
    Anyway, it's your game, and your decision. Regardless, I wish you best of luck with it.
    [edit] Something comparable to Doom3 would require a few hundread K USD, while our engine is much, much cheaper :)
    Besides, if you use our engine, you might get some of our fanbase to try your game, which could easely bring you 2K players trying your demo.

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    Guest Anonymous Poster


    ahhhh the joys of having no social life ;)

    just wanted to ask.. how many copies have you guys sold of mw?? it has to be like 300+ or something right? it seems pretty good tom e! :)

    good lukc!

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    How many copies?

    22, not quite 300 =)

    spread the word, we arn't selling lots =D

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    22 copies only? Yeak, that sucks!
    Have you considered releasing the game for free and without music and movies, and offering the CD version for 30 USD or so? That, and setting up a donations page.
    If I were you, that's what I'd do.

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    Nah, definetly not going to do that.

    We made the game and we are going to treat it like a normal game (download demo, buy full version), if noone buys it then there are a few potential reasons.

    1. noone knows about it (currently working on aiding that)
    2. the game is 'so' outdated noone wants to play it (unlikely)
    3. the price is too high (it's already 20 bucks, cant go much lower, except for 10/15, and that is an insult to our effort)
    4. the game sucks ( I would hope that isn't the general perception but who knows, certainly some people have enjoyed it, so it cant such THAT much =D)

    The plan at the moment is to raise awareness(which we are working on) and to have a hollidays sale (nov->jan)

    with luck that will increase sales to a more paletable number(1,000 units would make me happy), according to reputable sources MW as already succeeded where countless others have failed (most indie games dont sell at all, not to mention never get done), so I think the hard part is over.

    If MW fails to sell tons that is okay, I am already working on another game, with game after game, sooner or later we will be realized as a consistant company, and with each game they will get better and better.

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    Just out of curiousity, how many people downloaded the demo version?
    Is it possible that you make a Linux version? That would bring you a lot of new players.

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    I think you made the right choice! Fallout 1 & 2 still has the best graphics out there! ;)

    Oh, have you thought about mixing 2D/3D like in Baldurs Gate? I think everything "arty" is 2D while special effects are 3D.

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