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I was sitting here and looking at some code, when a little voice inside my head told me to take a break, i thought what the hell, i went to the crutch, sat down, and before i knew it i had sleep t for 10 hours, and it was now 2pm Saturday morning CRAP.
i wish i could have a talk with who ever invented sleep, well not just talk, just get him to deinvent sleep, i hate sleeping, its a waste of 1/3 of my life.

here is a little program to test if you like sleep or not


using std::cout; using std::cin;
using std::string;

int main()
cout << "\n\n Enter 1 to give a pressent to the sleep inventer\n";
cout << " Enter 2 To strap him to a Nuke, thats about to go BOOM\n";

string nr;
cin >> nr;
if ( nr == "1" )
cout << "\n\tSomeone hits you with a baseball bat from behind.\n";
cout << "\tStraps you and the sleep inventer to a nuke.\n\n";
cout << "\tBOOOOOMMMMM, you and the sleep inventer blow up.\n\n";


if ( nr == "2" )
cout << "\t\nBOOOOOOMMMMM sleep inventer blows up";
return 0;

Now what did you chose :D
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Recommended Comments

I chose 3. It told me to press any key to continue. [grin]

This, by the way, is why you should always put in some kind of fallthrough bahavior that deals with unexpected results, even if it's just ditching them. I'll assume in a serious program you would handle unexpected cases though. [wink]

I do dislike sleep though, life sure isn't long enough for all the stuff I want to get done.

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