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MBCG3AM update

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I've got about everything in, so this should be my last. . .

MBCG3AM update:

Envelopes out: 991
Envelopes in: 958

Cash out: $775 (envelopes and stamps)

Current BB credit: $276
Cash in: $165 (+$30 mail in rebates)
Merchandise in: Wifi Media Player gizmo ($200), 802.11g wifi range extending repeater ($100), Yamaha Surround Sound Amp & Speakers ($300), DVD burner/VCR combo ($220), 10-pack DVD-R discs ($10), 17" LCD monitor ($250), Optical audio cable ($20)

Net: around a grand. More than last year.

I've still got 2,000 unpeeled McDonalds tickets here. If I can't find a taker, I'm just gonna peel 'em.
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Well, I'll help you peel them (and pay for postage)...

Peel Them, Peel Them, Peel Them (chants)

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So $1000 profit looks really good but how much time do you think you invested into this endevour? I think next year you should also track time spent mailing/receiving mail/preping the Best Buy bucks...I think it would be interesting to know how many man-hours was spent.

/me appauds John and Shelly's endurance!

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Maybe eight hours total, all done in front of the TV.

You've gotta remember that this isn't all business. Part of it is that it's a game (or the metagame, to quote an earlier explanation). It's the fun of bending the will of the system to suit your purposes and coming out on top.

Just moved monitors around. We moved the new LCD monitor to a mostly-unused machine and moved its 20-inch Dell over to my machine. I've now got two 20-inch Dell LCD's on the main development box.

Finding a nice 3200x1200 wallpaper wasn't easy :)

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I do realize that the point is not business but the game itself. I was just curious about the time expended. I would have guessed 15-25 hours. I would have thought that the envelope part would have taken 8 hours by itself.

You two rule. I don't think I'd ever take it to the level that you guys did. Planning on topping yourselve again next year to do you think you're so far into the devil customer list they'll just shoot you on sight?

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If you haven't already peeled them, I would love to take some of those off of your hands...I am super addicted to the online game...Sad, but true. I was only able to get out about 30 of my own envelopes. I can paypal immediately... =)

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