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Stompy's lil scripting engine...

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I started work today on a scripting engine for my game, something I have never attempted before. So far it has been running quite smoothly, and I got a game flags system running. Although the only flag I have running through scripts is the toggle for fullscreen mode.

Scripting is something I've always been nervous about attempting. I didn't really know where exactly to start. I drew inspiration from two sources (because inspiration is such a better word than saying I copied the code). The first inspiration was Rob Loach's Lucid engine, which if you read his journal you would know about it. The second was looking at the Half-Life 2 code, and seeing how they handled variables loaded from file.

First of all on this subject, I want to point out that I absolutely love the STL. It has helped me immensely on this project even before I started the scripting engine. Now, I'm running my scripts through STL map containers, which is an idea I got from Rob Loach's Lucid engine.

So basically it just reads the variables from files, and I can now read them with string keys.

Well, this scripting will ofcourse lead to a GUI system, which I'm going to start soon.
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First of all on this subject, I want to point out that I absolutely love the STL.

Then you will kill for boost. [smile]

In all seriousness, boost is an amazing library. In my opinion it is nothing short of an unofficial extension for the SC++L.

You should really give it a shot some time (assuming you haven't already).

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I just thought I'd let you know that looking at the code from Blocky has convinced me that vectors and other STL things are the way to go.

I'm looking forward to seeing your new project!

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I only started using the STL a short time ago, but now it helps me in all my programming endevours. I'd definetly recommend using it in any C++ project.

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I'm slightly embarrased to admit it, but I only started using the STL extensively myself a relatively short time ago (about 8 months I guess). I blame it on the fact that I picked up C a long time ago and simply developed a bunch of C habits that I carried into C++. I also started my C++ with MFC (eurgh!) so I had CString and never looked much at std::string. After the umpteenth stupid bug with not delete[]ing an array, I slapped a vector in to whatever it was I was working on, and haven't looked back.

I'm still scared of boost, though [grin]

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I first started using STL when I was working on Stompy the game with 1D productions.

When I wrote the origional code for the game, we were getting a whole bunch of access violations because of our fixed size arrays. Finally I slapped an std::list on the project and I was good to go.[smile]

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