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Shared vision

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In the last few days I kept working at the shared vision thing, which is pretty close to completion. Of course, I estimate a lot of work debugging it, so it's not going to be fun, but hopefully the end result would be quite nice.

On the client side, the other team mebers are implementing all kind of neat features, such as some tree for sorting the objects and displaying only the closest objects. Someone else is implementing a minimap, while other implement small GUI improvements.

I had decided to change the way the magic system works (make it more easy to use) so someone will have to implement my design specifications on the client. It's not really a big priority, since I am busy with this shared vision and asymetric vision, so hopefully we'll have the new magic system in 2 updates. The next planned update is around Xmas, and it is to contain the minimap and shared vision.

On a non development related note, I purchased "Pocket Controller", a very useful program to remotely control PocketPCs. Since both my PPCs have WiFi capabilities, I can leave them in different rooms and control them there. I think I am abusing the lciense a little, because it allows only one device to be used (but doesn't prevent you to use multiple devices). However, I am using one device at a time, so it might be legal :D If it's not, they can complain to me and I'll stop doing that :D

On yet another non development related note, a few days ago I got all the Haggard CDs, and I more impressed by their music that I don't have words to describe how cool that band is :)
If you like Heavy Metal and/or Symphonic music, you might want to try them out.

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Sorry a bit off topic - when can I read or are you even going to write Eternal Lands' MMORPG Postmortem part V :) (the others were very good reads)

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Yes, but I always postpone it, which is not good. I really hope part V will be done this year.

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