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I'm convinced that no one reads this anymore (except nilkn). So, I've finally gotten level 4 finished. I do believe that looking back at it after I finish the project, I will realize that it was the hardest to both design and implement. It's kind of shaped like this (starting at top left, ending at top right)

[EDIT]: ASCII art removed. It's all screwed up...

Wow, first ASCII art I've done in my life (if that's even the right abreviation). So now it's back to the graphs again (unfortunately). I wish I had a picture to show you of my hard work in graphing and such. Maybe soon I'll scan up a page of graphing and show it's symboitic screenshot and you'll realize how much I have to draw to get an 800x600 screen. Oh well, for now I have a picture of me during an interview for my podcast. Everyone subscribe! (I know none of you have, except nilkn, cause I checked the numbers. Check my last entry for more info...)

So anyhow, I'm doing the last recording for the first feature-legth episode tomorrow. That's exciting. I'm interviewing a guy from EGM. And I have to updating my b*llshit "Gamer Blog" at for publicity. I also have to whore myself to some forums. But hey, whatever it takes to get people to listen. I need listeners...

Anyhow, more tomorrow!

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Don't worry, I still read your journal, I just haven't left a comment in a while. Anyways, I'll try and leave you comments when I visit from now on [grin].

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Yeah, me too.

I'm personally really looking forward to your game, I mean it's a side scroller, so I'm it's already great in my book.

And like Sir Sapo, I'll try to leave a comment next time.[smile]

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I still read this. I very rarely comment however, and never listen to podcasts.

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