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Star of Shadows RPG release!

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The last few days were spent on finishing up and releasing (finally!) the 0.02 internal release of the RPG I'm developing at GU, Star of Shadows. The release shows off the nifty scripting engine I've written, and a fun little test town with a couple of mildly entertaining quests/NPCs to show off its capabilities so far.

The release post can be found here. And a direct download here.

Any comments, ranging from finding it amusing to downright abysmal, are welcome. I see the viewcount go up on my journal, but not many comments lately to support it. ;)

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This looks really cool. You managed to pull a lot of different subsystems together! I guess I'm approaching something a little like this but I seem to have been hacking away for ever :D

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Guest Anonymous Poster


My only problem with the demo is that the text boxes kept flashing repeatedly whenever something was said. It made reading a bit difficult. Character speed, of course, is another issue for people that are easily impatient. ;) I think other than that, graphically, work needs to be done on matching the quality of the character's looks to everything else. I understand that's being done by FBEpyon but yeah. Anyway, good work so far. What I could read was well thought out and correct in both spelling and grammar.

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Yeah, the flickering seems to be a video card thing, which is my fault in any case because I sort of cheated and blocked the thread redrawing instead of properly organizing it. That and the movement speed will be patched up for v0.03.

Thanks to you both for taking the time to try it out. :)

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