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MidiKeyboard V1.0

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Alright, I went and finished off my midi keyboard to a nice 1.0 version. It has a native for both Macs and Windows (different downloads), and has the ability to choose which MIDI out device you want to play through. Another thing that I've added is a chord function. Now when you hit Caps Lock it puts the keyboard into chord mode, which well... plays chords instead of notes. The bottom set of keys(Z through /) function as the chord selection buttons. Everything from a Major Triad to a Minor-seven-flat-five chord.

You can also change MIDI devices on the go. On default it trys to load the Java Synthesizer, because that it the most likely to work, but in case it doesn't, just hit the escape key and select which device you want (usually the GW Synth in windows, I think).

Anyway, it has a readme, and it works pretty dang well. Enjoy!

Mac - MidiKeyboard.dmg.zip[71.23KB]
PC - MidiKeyboard.zip[151.66KB]

Linux people who want a copy just PM me, and I'll send you a copy.
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Very nice. I don't suppose there's an easy way to output to a virtual MIDI input so I can use it with Cakewalk and friends?

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This is what the Select MIDI Destination box does. So you should be able to, as long as you can select a midi port that your program recognizes.

I'm unsure of how this works on the PC, but on my mac I have a OS Midi BUS (IAC Bus 1) that acts like a virtual midi in/out device. I then hook up my program to it, and then hook the Sequencer up to the bus...

I think that there is a device called Windows MIDI Mapper that does the samething on windows.

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Nice, I think the problem was choosing the right output device. I'm toying around right now, very nice! :D

Bug: Capslock doesn't toggle chords, you have to hold it down. (PC version)

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