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... Falls from the sky...

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*plows into the ground*.....
*climbs out of the indention he just created*

Whoah... Well. I have been gone for quite sometime now and I surely have not been updating my little journal here like I thought I would have been when I joined GDNet+!

So, what have I been up to lately?

School. College is taking up so much of my time lately, I am highly concerned about quite a few things. Of course at this stage I can easily call myself a wanna be game programmer, but more important, what am I going to be calling myself when I have completed college and I am ready to dive into the industry? Only time will tell.

Other then school, I have been reading on my spare and I have even found an itch for Artifical Intelligence. Not sure where that may lead me.

I've basically killed the console programming idea because I get enough console programming in my data structure class. ;) I hate the fact that I ended something before I finished it, but I do need to face whats more important, even if theres a learning curve.

What I have considered is creating worlds that present individual concepts. I'll post more about that later.

Also, the idea of PixeledRAIN being a studio type name is scratched. I have a new idea thats not even being said about until I earn the right to say it. (Which is when I start producing).

Have fun everybody and dont forget to set back your clocks!

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