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I need sleep

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I've been working on putting the finishing touches on my four elements four entry, tentatively titled Call Of Booty (no, it's not that kind of game). Mostly just minor things, like writing in support for 3D sound and, um, enemies. Minor things ;). I suppose I should've started earlier, but I really think it's shaping up pretty nicely regardless.

Incidentally, I've managed to find a number of really fun bugs, like where my enemy AI would skateboard on the bodies of fallen comrades, or where initializing OpenAL after D3D would cause the terrain to draw 20 feet underwater, but doing it the other way around made everything work just lovely.

The amusing thing is the really large things that I thought would take forever (3D sound, for instance) have generally tended to be pretty simple. It seems like the things I waste the most time on are really dumb small things that end up being prickly. I think the hardest part of working under a time constraint like this is learning how to stop yourself from spending too much time polishing one thing.

Anyway, here's a screenshot of my current status:

I was going to post one of an action screenshot where I'm shooting a ninja about to attack me, but I noticed the muzzle flash kindof looks like trash, and the ninja still has ugly blobs for hands.
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That looks cool, but I think it needs a bit more ambient light. The hand and gun are pretty dark (almost black) on the sides, that looks a little out of place with the bright background.

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