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Well I realised my old journal quickly became full of junk, and I didn't like it, so here's shiny new journal version 2.0!

I can actually program (a bit) now, so expect something reasonable to be posted here every now and then, rather than just my "ambitions"

In saying that, here are my current ambitions (I havent really started any of these yet, but summerbreak is only 2 weeks away so I'll have loads of spare time):

1)Universe-sized and microscopically detailed space MMORPG set in a futuristic time (planet-side & space travel)
... "*cough*" I hear you all say :P

(. . I know it definitely wont ever happen. . but Its still in my "hopes & dreams"!)

2)Another online thing, but not so massive, and very simple gameplay. . . I'm not too clear on this one yet but it will involve very odd graphics (partially inspired by Darwinia) and very odd gameplay. Something to do with the origin of the universe, energy, and maybe even mathematical formulae(?I'm trying to debate whether this could be made fun or not..I'd err on the side of not at the moment)- I'm really not sure about this whole idea yet so dont get your hopes up!

3)A nintendo DS RPG called "SwordMaster" or something .. . where you have absolute freedom over where & how you swing your sword using the touchscreen. . . I'm thinking 2D backgrounds + 3D characters/monsters, but I really dont know how DS's hardware will handle what I want to throw at it so I'll have to wait and see.

4)A 3D platformer called "Arcadia" where you have to run through 3D levels inspired by arcade games (ie: tetris, space invaders, pacman, etc)

5)Some AI/Artificial Life programs. . this sorta stuff is really interesting.

Number 4 will probably be the first to happen as its the simplest and will be a good stepping stone to the others.

Anyhow I've managed to avoid talking too much BS in this post, so I'll stop writing now before I ruin my shiny new journal.

What do you think of my game ideas? are they any good? (ideas 2, 3 & 4)
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You havn't really described the gameplay of #2 at all except for saying that it will be odd. Oddness in itself is probably a bad aim in terms of gameplay in my personal opinion; you should be aiming for something fun, and perhaps something different, and if that ends up being odd, then so be it.

#3 seems to hinge almost completely on the coolness of being able to swing your sword however you like using the touchscreen. I like the idea, but I feel the need to point out that a touchscreen isn't actually a 3d input device, so you'll still only be able to control the swing in 2 dimensions unless you find another way of controlling the third.

Now #4, "Arcadia"... that sounds like it could be very interesting if done well, although I can see that you'd have to be careful to avoid infringing on existing intellectual property. You'd also have to plan it well enough to ensure each level actually provided some fun gameplay, rather than simply including additional levels for the novelty value of recognising the old game. I do like the idea though.

Oh, and as for your comment in your last entry (yeah I know, it's deleted... gmodlike powers 'n all that...) regarding research, a few things:
- University students/etc. are often given access to special databases of articles that they're able to search. I don't know if you're actually in uni, so this may not help you at all.
- Have you tried (heard of?) Google Scholar? Give it a try sometime, it's pretty neat.
- Don't search around too much right away; head to somewhere you suspect might have the material you're after right away. For example, head straight to the GDNet reference section without checking the rest of the site (forum, IOTD, etc.) first.
- Check out the excellent article Effective Online Forum Usage, by Steve Pavlina. (More of his articles here, and here (generally more dev-related.)

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