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More scripting stuff

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I finished converting most of my global variables to script variables. Now I can access them as strings rather than the actual variable.

For instance:

// check if the game is running
// do stuff

// get the mouse coordinates
int m_x = getGameVar("mouse_x");
int m_y = getGameVar("mouse_y");

// update the mouse coordinates using SDL event
setGameVar("mouse_x", event.motion.x);
setGameVar("mouse_y", event.motion.y);

// shut the game off
setGameFlag("run", false);

The reason I did this, is for one I wanted to learn a little about scripting(no matter what I can't seem to escape from trying new things). The second reason is that I think it will be easier to write the GUI system now that I have this in place.

In all of this scripting stuff, I forgot to actually make the soldiers be able to fight each other, so that is up next.
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