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Arg!! No!!!

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I forgot to do a post for earlier today!! I don't get a full calendar!

Anyway, did a lot of work today on my new website for 'Hopkins Multimedia' which is my little development/design company that I've started. I already have my first product out, and it's even located on a reputable Software site. Linky to VersionTracker's Page for MIDI Keyboard (already 90+ downloads). Obviously I won't be able to make money off of this, as it's both freeware and a lowgrade application, but I figure that if I were to have a couple of apps that were free that it might get more traffic to my products. I hope to have the website up sometime this week, but no promises.

One of the major services that Hopkins Multimedia will provide is Graphic Design. Mostly for around here in boston for concerts and such. An attractive poster will draw a large crowd if done properly. Another service is basic website design. I don't do anything to fancy, but I've always thought that my sites had a nice and simple elegance to them. A major application to be released down the road is my game, but frankly right now it is looking to take at least another year or so.

I did get some work done with Battle today also; the standard include script is for the most part written. This allows for all the standard things needed in scripting a game: Actor movement/animation, sound playing, resource management, rendering, etc... this way they do not need to be redefined in each script that needs them. It'll save a lot of work down the road, and I'll be able to add functions to it later when I see that it is in need.

Anyway, still upset I messed up my calendar... arg!
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