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"Swordmaster" Overview

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hey, thanks for the tips on seaching and stuff..
(This was going to be a reply to my previous journal entry, but I thought id put it here for everyone to read)

Most of those previous ideas arent thought through very much at all! I have some other ideas on paper that are thought through alot more (the ones I REALLY like) but didnt want to include them or else I would try to embark upon them straight away, which I dont have the skill to do! . . Besides. . theyre top secret in case anyone steals them!

To give you an idea for the "swordmaster" game,
the touchsceen would use a top-down view showing just your character. when you slide the stylus around on the screen, the sword will be moved in 3D (slightly restricted) by doing the following:

The tip of the sword remains a constant distance from the arm/sword pivot point. This defines a sphere of movement (where the tip of the sword intersects the surface of the sphere). Secondly, only the top half of the sphere will be used (no sword movement below wasteline unfortunately. . unless some kind of "low-swing" button was used . . but thats not in the plan for the time being.

so basically, for every x & y position, there will only be one possible z-position, removing the need for 3dimensional control as z is just a function of x&y.

Because of these limiting factors the sword can be swung in 3D only by using 2D input.

Ideally swords will have momentum, (only simple though, all collisions will be treated as "headon" rather than have glancing hits etc) so when your sword is in front of the opponents, it will slow his down etc.. So blocking/parrying will be automatically taken into account. Sword velocity will also determine armour penetration/damage. . and Im thinking of armour itself just affecting the swords velocity.

Like I said I'm really not sure if DS hardware would be capable of all this, but its worth a shot.

The singleplayer game will be an RPG, where you are your town's "swordmaster" (through some series of events that provide the intro to the game. . maybe your father who was the swordmaster died or something) And it will involve following some plot (possibly finding out who your fathers killer was, and inflicting some old-fashioned bloodthirsty retribution on the killer)

Gameplay will be more adventure/puzzley than a "serious" RPG. . as its meant to be a "pick up and play" kind of thing that people could play on their way to work/whatever rather than an epic.

Character development will try to keep simple, but I love complex character development so who knows ;) I have a few ideas on it.

Players can (well hopefully) also battle head to head through wireless..
This is what I think would be really cool - the sword controls would be difficult to master, but once you become proficient, some pretty cool swordfights with your mates could follow!
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