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I can't think of a title

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I produced these a few days ago but forgot to post them:

Texturing on that second shot isn't very good, i know (somebody even mentionned a "golf course", and i can't say i blame him :p).

I'd like to mix my lookup texture with a set of real textures. But for that i need a set of textures (grass, rock, sand, etc.. ) that look good, at a decent resolution (512x512 min).. and that was taken from a medium to high distance. No close up. If you know a website with such textures, please let me know, thanks.

By the way, i found the most hilarious "MMORPG-wannabe" thread ever: Worth a look
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Lookin good!

yeah definetly need to do somthing about the texturing, if you plan to be down that low in-game =/

as for textures I would recomend Mayang's Textures but IIRC most if not all of them are close up, however, they are very large so perhaps a scale to 512x512 would give an impression of 'high up'?

>>about mmorpg

ROFL longest class/race list EVAR. =D

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Thanks. These textures are of a good quality, but i can't use them as they're all close ups. I don't think it'd work well simply by rescaling them.

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Can't really help on the whole texturing front, but that MMORPG thread was hilarious:

Most of these noobs wont learn unless they get a good flaming.



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I just found this one http://www.imageafter.com . Maybe after some edit it can be useful. Been reading your journal now for a while and man you got something great coming keep it up!

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Have you thought about extracting textures from sattelite imagery? As an example, for wooded terrain you could use something like


Obviously you'd have to be a bit careful with copyright.

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Dracus: unfortunately, these are also close ups.

Crayfish: using satellite maps, that's a good idea (not google's ones though since they are protected). It might not be very easy though: first i have to find good maps with good colors and quality; then i have to find a way to make them tileable.. but that's something to investigate.

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Guest Anonymous Poster


I just took a look at some screenshots at


Looking at the images, they should have
plenty of textures, enough to cover a whole planet :-)
Maybe you could ask them,
where they acquired them and if there are any
copyrights assigned to that material?


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Thanks for turning up that mmorpg thread, haven't laughed like that for ages ;) And more than half those crazy posters came in on the OP's side, unbelievable.

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Ysaneya instead of using colors to 'color' the terrain have u tried sampling textures (will be slower but will look better)

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Yes, of course, that's the next step. That's why it doesn't look very good at very low altitudes (the flat colors aren't giving enough details). That's actually why i was looking for a good terrain texture pack (see my other post).

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