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Will it work..

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So I was thinking about a D3D application during a lecture today (the lecture was boring!).

My pixel and vertex shader book covers 5 different lighting models:

  • 'Basic' fixed-function style lighting
  • Cook-Torrance
  • Oren-Nayar
  • Ward
  • Ashikhmin-Shirley

    It doesn't seem to hard to find implementation of other, similar, models (e.g. Phong).

    But what I was thinking about is whether you could actually generate a scene where you could generically implement one of those 5 models.

    That is, the underlying scene/engine feeds in the same set of data (e.g. diffuse/specular/normals/normal-map/tangents etc..) and then just switch the VS/PS being used.

    The goal being that I could write a sample where you can actually compare the different lighting models in a constant environment - see exactly what they look like and how they behave.

    Could be interesting [smile]

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