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*cry* *sulk* *tantrum*

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Why doesnt anyone like my swordmaster idea?

Guess I'll chuck that one in the bin then! And I thought it wouldve been so cool. . .

Mind you apart from mario DS I havent played a new game in about a year so I guess I _AM_ a bit out of touch!

Once my exams are over (in a bit over a week) I'm going to hit directX again,

Get everything happening for a level editor.

Ive been thinking about GUIs and wondering if there would be a visually appealing & practical approach to replacing the common 2D HUD style GUI with 3d buttons placed around the game world.

If it could be done properly it would immerse the player alot more because they wouldnt have this unrealistic HUD

It could be displayed on the player's helmet visor (in a futuristic game), I guess, but what about fantasy games?

Not many knights of old walked around with a wooden plank attached to their face/helmet displaying their current "HP", and a quickbutton to the items in their bags.

I'm also really over traditional-style RPG combat. I want to bring alot more twitch into games.

Surely to do this will make the control system will be a nightmare?
....well, yeah...
Now instead of have to gain a "level" to be better at sword swinging, youll have to actually practice and learn it yourself. It might seem awkward at first, but do you remember what it was like when you first tried driving a car?

There will have to be a good spread of twitch & intellectual skills, and some form of representation for social skills too. (for all the uncoordinated people who are unable to master the combat, etc)

It will in a way, (hopefully) make the player relate better to their ingame character. . because they will both posess similar skills.

Now I'm sure there'll be plenty of people that hate my ideas, dont get me wrong, theres a time and a place for "traditional" RPGs, but if they want to become more immersive, I think theyll have to give up on the random combat methods..

The whole idea of everything being a number is crap!

Anyway I'm making this up as I go, I'll continue my rant later when I've thought things through some more!
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I think perhaps from the sounds of things you need to stick with ideas longer rather than giving up so soon. The Swordmaster idea could be cool if you stuck with it, refined the idea properly and actually made it - I don't know for sure, as I've never played anything with exactly those mechanics before, but there's definately some potential in the idea, and if you don't at least prototype it then you'll never know if it would actually be fun or not.

It sounds like you have a lot of ideas; I think you should pick one (or perhaps a couple, not more than a handful though) that you think are particularly interesting, and actually stick with them a while longer - see what you can come up with.

I liked your "Arcadia" idea as well, although good level design would be absolutely critical for interesting gameplay.

Oh, and people may not read this every day, and those that do may not always comment - no need to immediately conclude that noone likes an idea if there aren't comments right away - think of it as a chance instead to think over if you actually like the idea yourself, and to polish it up a bit, perhaps add some more information and additional details that users could consider. After all, I initially thought there was a serious problem with the idea, but you pointed out what sounds like a reasonable solution in your next post, so additional information changed my opinion somewhat.

In any case, good luck, and keep thinking of ideas - you only need one good one (and the commitment to see it to fruition).

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My biggest problem with anything in life is focus & concentration... I can never make my mind up about anything.

And yes. . I do have lots of ideas. . I've NEVER been able to stick one out though!

Anyway, I have a notebook FULL of ideas for games, I usually work on a few ideas for each, switching back and forth - so one day theyll all be complete, but for now I only have fragments of each.

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Not a clue!
some kind of fractally-looking glob of madness . .. . I just didnt have a suitable avatar to use so I sized it down and there you have it...

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