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Two things have conspired to prevent me from doing much work on Freezer 2, or my future project.

  • Midterms and assignments,

  • Age of Empires III

AoE 3 is one of those games you know is horrible but you can't look away. It's like some sort of giant train wreck.

I'm going to work on tightening up the cop AI and making everything a lot smoother -- expect a new Windows beta version really soon now although I would like to have you guys report more bugs in the version I have posted already.

After this, I'm going to populate the game world with cops, special cops and civilians, add a bit more content and challenges/puzzles and then shove out the game. It won't be my best game, but technologically there's a lot of crap under the hood that will be expanded immeasurably for a future project. I still have some ideas on how to make the game more unique, so we'll see if you dig it. I think it's a lot of fun (blasting civilians and evading the tough-as-nails cops), it's just not very deep. Popcorn game.

I might make the cops easier; compared to the retarded AI in Muffins these guys are awfully good at sending you to your grave. I've also left room open in the future for a "director's cut" -- I think the engine would be super good at a zombie apocalypse simulator.

My next project will look VERY different from how my games look now, and will hopefully encourage you to replay it tons and tons of times.

My progress report for the last couple days is that I managed to patch up the rest of my site to support user-selectable CSS stylesheets; and I added one for Halloween (I'll add one for Christmas too, and any other holiday I can think of with a colour theme).

Man, this is a long entry.

Also, I replaced my cable modem over the weekend. After negotiating with the service tech for like two hours I handed him my six-pound five-year-old cable modem. He glared at it like it really wasn't a cable modem and then hands me this little black thing the size of a CD. Goddamn tiny-ass technology.
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So Ages of Empires 3 isn't that good then? I'll have to cross it off my Christmas wish list. That leaves... well, just Civilization 4 at the moment. I'll need to hunt around for more premium quality games.

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On every computer I've played it on, the sound engine completely stops ALL sounds for 1-2 seconds while loading voice samples.

I've patched to the latest version, there is no fix forthcoming. It is highly annoying in cinema scenes, and even more annoying in battle when you suddenly lose all your sound effects so the game can precache "Ow!"

I wouldn't recommend buying it until at least a few more patches -- Ensemble has a worse reputation than Troika for shipping bugtastic software.

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