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The 64bit Upgrade cometh!

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So, last week I got jittery and decided to spend a silly amount of money on new hardware [grin]

The end result, I'm now the proud owner of a 2.2Ghz Athlon64 X2 rig with 4gig of DDR400 ram, installed on a ASRock 939Duel mobo, and a brand new spinky SATA2 500gig harddrive (which, for the record, took about 4h to format! The only problem with large drives).

I admit, I didnt really need the harddrive space, I already had around 500gig over a few drives, however I wanted a copy of WinXP x64 for the new rig and if you brought some hardware it was possible to get an OEM version of it, which is nice [grin]

Over all the upgrade has been pretty smooth, the WinXP installer infact picked out most of my hardware without me having to tell it anything, even down to detecting all the SATA devices in the installer.

Once it got into windows it was a simple matter of installing a couple of minor drivers and then the ATI gfx drivers and Creative SBLive Audigy 2 drivers to get decent video and sound going.

However, as with all upgrades to new tech it isnt without its problems.

While Logitech have updated their "Setpoint" software for 64Bit support there currently arent any drivers for my webcam [sad]

Sony Ericsson are as yet to update the drivers and software for my mobile phone to connect to the machine (I'll be contacting them regarding that soon). Belkin also present much the same issue, with no drivers for my USB Bluetooth in existance (already contacted them about that).

The final issue however is a bit of a pain.
As ATI's newest top of the line card isnt about yet I decided to go with a mobo which support both AGP and PCIe so that I could use my X800 XT until such time as I could get the PCIe card. However while the AGP driver is installed and the gfx card drivers install fine both dxdiag and ATI's own SmartGART software report no AGP texturing avaible [sad]

I've filled in a support request for this to see if I can get the issue fixed, its a tad annoying as it probably going to mean game programming is off the menu for now.

However this is kinda good on a couple of fronts;
1- I've got a couple of college assignments todo
2- I've got the code for More OpenGL Game Programming to finish up
3- I'd like to write an article or two for Gamedev

Given that OpenGL still works (I tested my MTGameEngine test program, scored a solid 50 updates per second and over 1500fps) the later two shouldnt be a problem and as the system is perfectly stable the other work shouldnt be a problem todo either.

So, aside from a few problems I've been pretty impressed thus far. I cant say I've noticed the extra ram as yet, I expect that to come into play once I start throwing some heavy apps around the place, same for the duel processors, but given I've only had the system up and running for a short period of time thats not really surprising [wink]

Oh, and the damned thing is both quieter and cooler than my AthlonXP 2.2Ghz setup, ao well done AMD.

Now, all I need is to get a copy of VS2005 (go go MSDN-AA!) and it will be time for some proper 64bit coding [grin]
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