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Server Finder

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Yes...managed to post a screenshot of my networking/multiplayer progress ;-)

This screen is the "Server Finder", you'll use it to find LAN and Internet games.

I'm going to have to write my own Master Server (thankfully RakNet has a base class I can use) that will provide the Internet matchmaking abilities. I'll just keep it running on one of my spare machines, or go get another one if I really need to.

I've got the deticated server up and running, It's very basic right now and just facilitates the chat stream of the game. I want to get that nice and solid before I go on and start working on the actual multiplay aspects.

Most games let you host+play at the same time. It's going to be a little different with my game, you click the shortcut to start the deticated server, then you start your game and join in that way. The servers are designed to stay running for days and stay up through various coming/going of players.

The first person to join an empty server becomes the "host" of the game, and has ultimate control of when to start the game.

Once you get past the "Server Finder" window shown above, and you select a game to join...you're taken to the "Lobby" (still in progress) where you can chat to the other players in the server, and decide when to launch the game...as well as setup various aspects of the game (Gang type, victory conditions, gameplay type, etc.)

It's a ton of work...but I'm going strong. I hope to have basic LAN multiplayer going within a week, so stay tuned ;-)

- Dan
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Holy crap. I didn't even know you were making a multiplayer version. Consider my jaw firmly dropped.

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Bah, I feel stupid and lazy whenever you update your journal. ;-)

I know it's way to early to ask for features but I did it before and I'll do it again. Implement votekicks*, temporary bans** and permanent bans***.

* started by a placer who selects the name of the player from a list aswell as a reason from a premade list. (Teamattack, Cheating, ...)
** after a player was kicked x times in y minutes he will be banned for z minutes. If he gets kicked again in the next few minutes after the ban was lifted he will be kicked and banned permanently.
*** permanent bans can only be lifted by admins

The ban list mustn't reset after a server restart (that is, store it in a file).
To make bans effective you should connect game accounts with cd keys.

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