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Age of Empires III is growing on me. Not with its inconsistent narrative, poor voice acting or incompetent mission structure but with its attention to detail.

Once I figured out how to fix the sound bug (enable V-Sync... wtf?) it's a GPA-destroying night of fire ship ramming.

There are neat little details with the polygonal characters -- they wipe their brows after a hard work, cheer in various ways after slaughtering bunches of people and go into formations exceptionally well!
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The demo is a good overall picture of what the game is really like, except with a few extra collecting missions.

If you like the demo (which I did) you'll most likely enjoy the latter missions in the first act. The first 5-6 missions are pretty simple and don't provide much opportunity for advancement, but as you go further there is a lot more fun to be had (with some really neat open-sea battles later on).

I think I was just basing the game unfairly on the stupid sound bug, the inability to zoom very far out and the cramped (and loud!) interface. I'll let you know more as time progresses with my missions.

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Oh yes, there's a demo, isn't there? My download limit is pretty severely cramped, but I'll look for it in one of those computing magazines over the weekend (I haven't got one of those in ages; it might be a good time to buy some computer-related easy reading material anyway).

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Yeah. It's an awfully large demo for like three missions and no tutorial, though.

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