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Do I give up?

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Well .. I think this is it..

I've been studying 16hours over the last 2 days, and I havent been able to learn anything from my maths subjects. (Exam is in 4 days time and due to my performance during the semester ill need about 70% to pass)

So . . as dire as it sounds, I'm starting to make plans after I dropout of university..Because it seems pretty certain, and I already failed last year.

First thing is I will get kicked out of home..

Before this happens I'll need to get a new computer... cos I doubt i'll be able to save enough $$ once im out.

I need to decide what to do next:

- Ive been told by alot of people that maths is imperative to be a programmer - I dont personally see it this way, but how would I know?

Id love to keep teaching myself to program. . But I wouldnt be able to teach myself the maths..

The other option I have (which i would like to do ALMOST as much) would be to get into 3d modelling/animation . ..

Anyone got some tips for me on working as a game artist? I honestly have no clue about this industry, ie; how hard it is to get into (id assume quite hard?),

also - is formal training valued in 3d art professions? I would think it would be almost entirely portfolio based, but once again, what would I know?

Anyway, any help appreciated!
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I wouldn't start planning on failing now. Right now it's important to do as well as you can in your maths exams.

If it's a real crisis and you think you don't know anything about your subject, I'd recommend getting a copy of the last few years' exams and practice solving them, especially last year's. Chances are that whoever sets this year's exam will copy the format from that one. I've had some exams that were up to 50% exactly regurgitated from the previous year. Remember that at this stage you are learning to solve exam questions, not the theory itself. As stupid as it might seem, I've got fairly high marks in subjects I knew very little about just by rehearsing answering questions (this is why I think the standard university exam is a terrible way to gauge learning).

Oh, and one thing that always worked for me was to make sure I got a good night's sleep before the exam. Don't tire yourself cramming the entire night beforehand, as you'll just make stupid mistakes when solving the exam.

Best of luck!

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I have previous exams, (a few of them)

my problem is more I have no clue where to start except with maybe the first 1 or 2 questions. . .

So . . umm :| yeh eek.

That'll learn me for always coasting through school.
Things used to come intuitively to me, but now its a bit more complicated and my learning skills are poo

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