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Graphics card

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Well it looks like I'm getting a replacement graphics card in a few weeks from the manufacturer. However I was thinking that seeing as I'm getting a new mobo + cpu, I should sell my replacement and get a PCI-E card.

So, if anyone is in reach of Edinburgh and would like a brand new untouched Leadtek Geforce 6800 Ultra AGP, let me know. GBP200 or reasonable offers. I can't sell it right now, but if you make me a solid offer then I'll get it to you as soon as I get it back from the manufacturer.

In other news, looks like MOGLGP is filtering through, it's no longer pre-ordering on amazon. I don't know of anyone who has it though so I guess it's still coming.

I should really be doing some coding, I'm getting my drive back. I've been reading superpig's enginuity series which is very very good and you must all read it right now. I downloaded it onto my PDA so I can read it when lectures start getting boring. Very useful :).

I'm also thinking about doing some more physics, now that I've covered things in lectures that I can apply in a simple physics engine I feel like trying ideas out to see how they work. I also need to give Chris Hecker's articles another read through.
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I'm in Edinburgh just now, but the only machine which would benefit from that card is the one I don't take back up to St Andrews with me.

You could try selling it to Steve, or flogging it on eBay.

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eBay is the idea, unless I get someone local who wants to buy it. Someone I can actually meet is always preferrable to selling it on ebay though.

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