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AJAX web apps

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So I've been trying out these so-called "AJAX" (I hate the name) web applications.

Basically the idea is that you make a web application which uses a richer client layer and the server does a lot less than conventional apps.

- Much better user responsiveness
- Much lower bandwidth usage (for some apps anyway)
- Forces you to adopt a "3 tiered" approach

- Many different conflicting techniques at the moment (and likely to be for the forseeable future)
- Conventional web technologies don't "fit"
- Possible incompatibility with some web browsers, software firewalls / corporate AV systems etc

So I've been making a simple web forum, using
- HTML - a static HTML page
- javascript - various JS files which contain the client-side code
- PHP - I'm using PHP5.1.0 RC4 (not too out of date then)
- Sqlite

I've almost got it to the working state. It's certainly showing some promise. Responsiveness is very good.

As far as I'm aware, nobody else has yet made a "AJAX-based" web forum application (please let me know if you know of someone who has). That's discounting google groups, of course.

This technique could certainly be applied to turn-based web games, or possibly even slowish realtime ones.

A demo will be forthcoming as soon as it's usable.

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vbulletin does use "AJAX" in its coding, for at least some parts. Check out devmaster's forum.

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As much as I love new technology, I don't think AJAX is a good idea. What they're basically doing is recreating applications with tools which are not up to it. Why put up with writing an E-Mail client in javascript (!) and on top of that wasting your time by inventing the wheel again and again. What they want is to recreate the look and feel of a thick client, why not go all the way?

Because of easy deployment? No, a webstartable Java application works just as good (or even better).
Because it runs everywhere? Wrong, you still need a webbrowser which can handle it.

Heck, even using XUL would be a better idea since you'd have at least have a standard way of building somewhat native GUIs.

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I as well, just started getting into AJAX, my first app, or page, or whatever you would call it was pretty much exactly the Google Suggest Box. When you type letters into the textbox, it sends a request to a server side script..the script uses asp.net to look into a database, and then get the terms that match what you are typing. I don't know any other technology that could do this. I think AJAX is a great idea, and it's rather easy too.

I'm awaiting your demo markr, i'd love to take a look ;-)

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