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Quest for Game Glory V: Lag and Ire

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Trapper Zoid


I couldn't get a lot done last night on Project Nova; this time I can blame the weather for my lack of energy (80% humidity in Canberra?!) All I did was implement fullscreen mode (which frankly wasn't that hard), and played around with the background layers a bit.

The tearing of the scrolling background is starting to bug me. I'm only a beginner at graphics programming, but I think it's the lack of syncronisation with the vertical retrace. I can't find anything in my tutorials and documentation on SDL and OpenGL to figure out how to do that though.

I've also given up trying to implement text in this game; I'm not going to use it, so why bother implementing it just for debugging's sake? I'll figure out how to do it in my next game. For now, I'm just saving information to my log file. Presently my FPS is around 700 with my scrolling background, so I don't think I'll have a problem there.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to remove that annoying flickering with SDL/OpenGL, I'd be happy to hear them. I'm going to read through my new book on OpenGL tonight to see if there's any help there, but if I can't solve it I'll have to post a series of questions on the forums tomorrow.

Also I need to find another series of games to base my entry titles on, as I've run out of "Quest for Glory" games [smile].
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I wish I could help you with your graphical problems, but I'm not much better than a beginning programmer, I just wanted to say that I loved the Quest for Glory puns. Good luck on your projects, I'm looking forward to Project Nova and Project Hamlet/Ivan (whenever it comes out).

Keep at it, and I hope you figure it out soon.

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Project Hamlet/Ivan is presently on permanent hiatus, I'm afraid. The thing is just too difficult to make right now. However since the core gameplay elements are my final goal, I'll probably make something similar in the future. I just have to approach it from a different angle.

Project Nova will be finished by the end of the year though, as it's really just a chance to learn how to program in SDL and OpenGL. I'll throw in as much stuff as I can in the time limit available.

The awful puns will continue. I'm thinking of going with King's Quest, as there's eight subtitles to play with. Or maybe Ultima, but I've only played a few in the series so that's kind of cheating [smile]. Maybe The Legend of Zelda?

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